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URGENT Action Alert: The fight to protect wetlands is not over! Together, let's stop Senate Bill 389!

Earlier this month, a controversial bill that would repeal Indiana’s Isolated Wetlands Law, eliminating protection for state-regulated wetlands, passed the Indiana Senate in a vote 29-19. With Senate Bill 389 soon to be heard by the Indiana House, Save the Dunes needs your help urging lawmakers to protect Indiana’s isolated wetlands rather than dismantle the law that protects them.

Thank you for standing with us as we sent our message to the Indiana Senate. Now, please join us in elevating this issue to the Indiana House of Representatives Environmental Affairs Committee. Action on this Bill could happen as early as the first week of March. Please Act Now!

Call to Action: Contact the Chair of the House Environmental Affairs Committee, Representative Doug Gutwein, and urge the committee to oppose SB 389, or to assign the bill to a summer study committee for further analysis!

Committee Chair, Doug Gutwein
Send messages to Legislative Assistant Jake Carrico at 317-234-9139 or

Reasoning: Wetlands have many benefits for both people and the environment. In addition to having a large number of plant and animal species; wetlands act as natural water filtration systems – providing both cleaner water and reducing the risk of flooding. In Northwest Indiana, wetlands such as Cowles Bog, the Great Marsh, and Pinhook Bog provide some of the region’s favorite hiking trails and experiences in nature.

Over 85% or 4.7 million acres of Indiana’s wetlands have been lost over the last 200 years. In 2003, the Indiana General Assembly passed the Indiana Isolated Wetlands Law to cover many of the wetlands in the state that were not federally protected. We cannot lose any more of these incredible resources!

Learn more about SB 389 from our partner in advocacy, Hoosier Environmental Council

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