Save the Dunes’ Statement on the 2016 Election Results

fullsizerenderEvery election brings with it the potential for a shift in priorities from our elected officials. Save the Dunes is thankful that the Indiana dunes have enjoyed bipartisan support on a number of issues historically, and we are optimistic that support will continue. Yet, we do recognize that some of the suggested actions regarding the environment mentioned in this year’s election may be cause for concern. Save the Dunes will continue to work with partners, supporters and dune-lovers across the political spectrum to advocate for policies and programs that protect the dunes and bring the crucial resources needed to the parks.

In the coming year we will undertake an effort to better understand the potential impacts of a changing climate on the ecosystem of the dunes and we look forward to sharing our findings with you. We know that the United States and Indiana must continue to make progress in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase clean energy. Climate change is no hoax and it’s no joke. With your help, we will oppose any efforts to slow down or eliminate important policies that have been moving us in the right direction.

In partnership with watershed groups, communities and land management organizations across the Great Lakes we will advocate to continue the important role the federal government has had in restoration work that has taken place in recent years. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has benefited from support from both parties and we intend to keep it that way. Because of federal grants to local agencies and organizations there are tremendous success stories, like the revitalization of the Grand Calumet River.

Additionally, any effort to undermine the foundations of our environmental protections, such as the Clean Water Act, must be met with swift opposition. Unfortunately these efforts are often done in the name of job creation. We strongly believe that we can and must make progress to create good jobs in the region while protecting our environment. We are encouraged to see attention being paid to the need to invest in America’s infrastructure, as combined sewer overflows and old pipelines present real threats to water bodies, wildlife and human health.

Save the Dunes has worked effectively on these issues in the past and with your support we will continue to do so under every Administration and Congress.

If you are not yet a member of Save the Dunes, please click here to join now.

The work to protect the Indiana dunes and the Great Lakes has always needed a diverse group of people with various interests, skills, and connections. The organization could not do this work without you. We look forward to connecting with you for opportunities to engage in these important issues.

We Thank You for your support and will see you in the dunes.

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