Save the Dunes

Save the Dunes to Advocate for Great Lakes Protection in D.C.

Save the Dunes to Advocate for Great Lakes Protection in D.C.

Save the Dunes and partners across the Great Lakes basin will travel to Washington, D.C. in March as part of Great Lakes Day, an annual event through which organizations, businesses, boaters, community members and beyond meet with members of Congress to advocate for programs and funding that help protect and support the Great Lakes and the communities that depend upon them.

This year, we have a particularly important message to deliver –cuts to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agency that administers this crucial funding source, proposed in the Trump Administration’s 2019 budget will be detrimental to the Great Lakes and the millions of people whose drinking water, livelihoods, health, and quality of life are supported by the Great Lakes.

The Administration’s proposed 2019 budget calls for a 90% cut to the GLRI, 25% cut to the EPA, 16% cut to the Department of Interior-which includes the National Park Service and US Geological Survey- and the removal of Clean Water Action Section 319 programs, which help communities reduce polluted runoff. These programs and agencies are integral to the protection and management of the Great Lakes and all natural resources of the Indiana dunes.

Those living in Northwest Indiana might be most familiar with the meaningful impact of the GLRI through the Grand Calumet River remediation and restoration. Once considered a ‘dead river’, GLRI and Great Lakes Legacy Act funds have transformed the Grand Calumet River and surrounding habitat back into an ecologically significant resource.

Before Restoration

After Restoration

Save the Dunes will urge Indiana’s Congress members to support continued funding for the programs that support the Great Lakes and the agencies that make those programs effective. The Great Lake and the Indiana dunes are part of Northwest Indiana’s identify and quality of life and should be protected and stewarded.