Paul H. Douglas Award

Each year, Save the Dunes bestows their highest honor – the Paul H. Douglas Memorial Award – for outstanding service to the cause of preserving and protecting the Indiana dunes. The following is a list of our past honorees:


Senator Paul Douglas overlooking the Indiana dunes

2016: Erin Argyilan
Paul Labus
2014:  Barbara Plampin
2013:  Dr. Noel Pavlovic
2012:  Irene Herlocker-Meyer, Harold Olin
2011:  Charles E. Oberlie
2010:  Larry Davis
2009:  Susan MiHalo
2008:  Dale Engquist
2007:  Marjory Wood Crawford
2006:  Jeanette Neagu
2005:  Dr. Mark MiHalo
2004:  Dr. Mark Reshkin
2003:  Congressman Peter Visclosky
2002:  Charlotte Read
2001:  Ellen Firme, Dorothy Potucek
2000: Carolyn Bach
1999:  Thomas Serynek
1998:  Lee Botts, Jean Segal
1997:  Thomas Dustin
1996:  Anne Bayless
1995:  Miriam Buhman
1994:  Edward Osann, Sylvia Troy, Herb Read
1993:  Sidney Yates
1992:  Faith Greiner
1991:  Ruth Osann