nwf enbridgeTHANK YOU to everyone who contacted their legislators to oppose House Bill 1143. Executive Director Nicole Barker testified against the bill at the Statehouse today (Monday, February 24, 2014) along with colleagues from Hoosier Environmental Council, Sierra Club, Citizens Action Coalition, NAACP-Indiana and others. The bill died in committee.

Your voices were instrumental in making sure our state still can implement rules more stringent than the federal government if needed. Thank you to Senator Charbonneau for the hearing, and thanks, too, to Senators Stoops and Randolph for asking such salient environmental questions. We appreciate the time the Senate Environmental Affairs Committee took to hear our concerns today.

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(Previous e-alert on February 12 below):

House Bill (HB) 1143 – Take action now!

This bill would prohibit the state of Indiana and its agencies from adopting any rule or regulation that would be stricter than federal government regulations. HB 1143 is now in the Senate Environmental Affairs committee chaired by Senator Charbonneau. If enacted, this law would stop Indiana from protecting the health of Hoosiers and safeguarding our environment from dirty polluters which would degrade our air, water and land. Tell your Senator to oppose HB 1143 because it:

  • Violates state and local rights to enact protections for health and environment that go beyond federal regulations.
  • It unnecessarily ties the hands of state agencies, local citizens and experts who know the local situation better and can enact regulations that make sense for Indiana.
  • When federal regulations are weak, it prohibits us from having stronger protections in agriculture and industry that are necessary to preserve our quality of life.

Just remember what’s happened in our region in the last several years: the worst on-land oil spill in US history (the Marshall, Michigan tar sands oil spill in 2010),  the pollution of drinking water for 300,000 Americans due to a chemical storage leak (in West Virginia, just this year), and the largest ever pollution spill on US soil – the tragic billion gallon coal ash contamination of the Emory River in Tennessee in 2009.

This is why we need to be able to protect ourselves locally. Please help fight this bad bill.

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