factory farm chickenFebruary 13, 2014

Please contact your Indiana representative and senator today to tell them to oppose Senate Bill 186. This bill seeks to amend Indiana law by providing even more enhanced legal protection for the meat industry to use “generally accepted livestock production practices, including the use of ever changing technology” regardless of the harm those practices may cause.

Tell your Representative and Senator to oppose SB 186 because:
•  Current practices used on factory farms have been shown to pollute our air and water, contribute to contaminated drinking water and algal blooms, harm neighbors, reduce property values, and contribute to food-borne illnesses.
•  Passing legislation to protect these harmful practices will serve only to undermine the rights of rural Hoosiers, including independent family farmers.
•  Local elected officials and citizens will be prevented from dealing with the very real problems that Factory Farms and Industrial Agriculture cause.

To find your state elected officials click here.

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