Leave Your Legacy for the Indiana Dunes

Making a planned gift is a way to create a lasting legacy for nature and could provide tax benefits for you today. Talk with your financial or legal advisor to decide which gift will ensure your needs and those of your loved ones are met.

Estate giving provides flexibility: making a gift through your Will or trust allows you to provide a future gift to Save the Dunes while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime. There is no upper limit on the estate tax deductions that can be taken for charitable bequests, and you can maximize your tax benefits by donating your most-taxed assets while passing those with lesser tax demands to your loved ones.

Our Tax ID is 35-1915468.

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Planned Giving Options

Reduce your tax burden through stock contributions. A donation of appreciated stock will reduce your tax burden while making a significant gift for conservation. Donating appreciated securities provides dual tax benefits. When you transfer stock to Save the Dunes, you receive an income-tax deduction of the fair market value of the stock, and you’ll avoid paying capital gains on the securities you donate.

Make giving easy by naming Save the Dunes as a beneficiary. Naming Save the Dunes as a beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plan can be one of the easiest ways to make a significant gift. Donating a portion of these plans could allow your loved ones to avoid income and estate taxes on the donated amount. You may choose a percentage or designated amount to leave for each beneficiary or name Save the Dunes as a contingent beneficiary.

Receive income through a charitable gift annuity. Receive income for life while benefiting nature with a charitable gift annuity. Make a gift of cash or appreciated stock to establish your annuity, and you’ll receive a tax deduction now for a portion of your payment and a fixed payment every year for the rest of your life. The remainder will support the mission of Save the Dunes.

Enjoy tax benefits when donating personal property. Making a gift of your personal property  (from land to artwork to vehicles) will provide a significant gift while allowing you to enjoy immediate tax benefits. Save the Dunes may elect to hold the property or sell it at some point in the future and use the proceeds for its programs. It is important that you contact Save the Dunes to make certain we can care for your property before initiating your gift.

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