Spring is the time of our #dunehugger donation drive.

Save the Dunes is able to make an impact on the health of the Indiana Dunes thanks to the generosity of members and supporters like you. Your donation supports our efforts for the continued protection and restoration of the Indiana Dunes region, Lake Michigan, and the many amenities these natural assets provide. We are proud of our regional multiplier effect and impact. Did you know that for every single dollar given to support Save the Dunes, we invest $6 dollars back into protecting the dunes? This means your gift of $100.00 equals $600.00 worth of dunes protection!

Your support protects our region’s greatest natural assets. Please join us in our efforts to preserve and restore the Indiana Dunes by donating today. 

Why donate?

This year presents a series of unique challenges for the health of our Indiana Dunes region. Proposals are on the table which would impact our quality of life-potentially reducing funding for key programs which protect our environment, our economy, and our quality of life. These programs are responsible for:

  • cleaning up toxic pollution in the Grand Calumet River, restoring health and safety to adjacent residents of Gary, Hammond, and East Chicago;
  • restoring wildlife habitat in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, creating a vital rest stop for migratory birds and a new wilderness for family and friends to explore;
  • liberating streams from pipes such as Dunes Creek that flows through Indiana Dunes State Park, providing a new place for residents and visitors to play safely as well as new habitat for aquatic species;
  • fostering a tremendously healthy Indiana economy that contributes over $16 billion annually to the state from activities connected to Lake Michigan industry and tourism.

Save the Dunes is committed to standing up for our Indiana Dunes and the resources that support them, but to do this important work, we need your help.

It took people like you to organize and establish a national park on Lake Michigan’s shoreline, and still today, it takes people like you to continue to protect these precious lands and ensure their existence for generations to come. Join us in being a voice for our region’s environment.

Please donate today to protect our Indiana Dunes along with the jobs, drinking water, and recreational opportunities they provide. 


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