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On Thursday, December 7, 2017, Save the Dunes held its Annual Membership Meeting at its office in Michigan City. The meeting featured an overview of projects and achievements in 2017 as well as a membership vote to elect and renew the terms of the Save the Dunes’ Board of Directors. Terms for current President and Finance Chair, Scott Kosik, and Fundraising Chair, Eve Landsman Wierzbicki were voted to be renewed. Terms for current board members Chris Disher and Sophia Arshad were also voted on for renewal. Lastly, Save the Dunes enthusiastically welcomes its newest board member, Dorreen Carey, who was also voted in at the meeting.

In addition to electing and renewing Board Members, Save the Dunes proudly announced the recipient of the 2017 Paul H. Douglas Award – the organization’s highest honor. The Douglas Award is named for the inestimable Senator Paul Douglas without whom there would be no Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. The organization bestows this honor on individuals who demonstrate outstanding service to the cause of preserving and protecting the Indiana Dunes. The organization was thrilled to announce that Steve Sass, local advocate and dedicated volunteer, was the recipient of this year’s award.

Steve Sass is a lifelong resident of northern Indiana, growing up in Michigan City. He runs his own business as an electronic systems integrator. He has been an advocate for the area’s ecosystem for over a decade. He wrote Congressman Pete Visclosky in the late 1980’s regarding the importance of saving Crescent Dune from commercialization—this being just one of many impassioned actions that have shaped both his career and drive as a steward for our area.

The meeting closed with an invitation to join Save the Dunes staff and Board Members for refreshments and celebration.

If you are interested in joining the Save the Dunes’ Board of Directors, now is the time to get involved in one of our Committees. Please contact for more information.

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