Save the Dunes is thrilled to announce the kick-off for a new project, The Indiana Dunes Protection Guide for Residents. Every year our Indiana Dunes State and ColumbineNational Parks spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to control invasive plant species that choke out and threaten the natural biodiversity of our dunes ecosystems. Residents of coastal dunes communities can assist these efforts by removing non-native invasive plants and cultivating native plant species. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to differentiate the good plants from the harmful ones.

This high quality guide will help residents of our Indiana Dunes region to identify and control the most invasive and problematic plant species in our coastal areas. The guide will also provide helpful suggestions for appropriate native plants that will thrive in the various dunes habitats. When completed, this full-color guide will be available both in print and in pdf for increased accessibility. Save the Dunes will also dedicate a page on our website for this information so that we can continue to update and expand the Guide.

Save the Dunes was awarded a competitive grant by the Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Program to produce this Guide. Generous supporting funds for this project have also been awarded to us from ArcelorMittal, the Lake County Community Fund at Legacy Foundation, and the Donnelley Foundation. We greatly appreciate all our funders for helping us to create this valuable resource.

We’ll be reaching out to the coastal dunes communities during the development and dissemination of this informational guide, so keep an eye out for us at a town meeting near you!

Thank you to all of our partners!

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