A proposed settlement has been reached between federal and Indiana agencies and U.S. Steel regarding the company’s release of 300 pounds of hexavalent chromium from its Midwest Plant into Lake Michigan near the Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk last April, as well as other Clean Water Act violations committed by U.S. Steel.

While the settlement calls for payment from U.S. Steel for environmental damages and environmental agencies and government officials involved in the April spill, substantial information is missing from the Consent Decree document that will be critical in holding U.S. Steel accountable in delivering on the settlement, such as timeline and technical information.

Save the Dunes, National Parks Conservation Association, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Hoosier Environmental Council, and the Town of Ogden Dunes have released a joint statement outlining our desire for more information to be incorporated into the Consent Decree as well as an extended time period for the public to review and comment on the terms of the settlement. Read that statement here.

Save the Dunes will continue to watch this issue and urge environmental regulators to protect our communities and natural resources from future incidents by enforcing the Clean Water Act and other regulations and demand adequate settlement terms from U.S. Steel.

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