The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore will be restoring wetlands in addition to what they have at Great Marsh this winter and early spring. This restoration includes removing fill and other debris that were deposited in 4 acres of the marsh in the 20th century. The park says that the debris removal will expose historic peat soils to wetland hydrology and help the marsh do its job of cleaning water, storing water, serving as great plant and animal habitat, and just being an awesome bird watching spot.

The work will be done just east and west of Broadway in Beverly Shores. A National Park Service Archaeologist will be on-site during excavation to protect any archaeological resources that could be unearthed. Removal of the pine trees north of the train station is necessary to complete this work, but the bald cypress trees along Broadway will be retained. Removal of the debris may require periodic, short-term closure of the Great Marsh parking lot east of Broadway for safety.

Native wetland plants will be planted in the restoration area. If you have questions call Botanist Dr. Dan Mason of the Lakeshore at 219-395-1553 or Acting Chief of Resources Management, Gia Wagner at 219-395-1552. 

To visit the Great Marsh and see the work being completed there, see the map below.


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