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NEXT STEPS: New Actions are Needed to Protect Recreation on Lake Michigan's Shore

by Natalie Johnson, Executive Director, Save the Dunes

As of Thursday, February 14, 2019, we need your help taking the next step to defend Hoosier's rights to recreate along Lake Michigan.

Recently, Save the Dunes shared information on three bills, two in the Indiana Senate and one in the House, that could impact the rights of Hoosiers to the shores of Lake Michigan. As the current legislative session progresses, new actions are needed in order to effectively guide good legislation and ensure we can enjoy recreation on the shoreline. Regardless whether or not you followed a previous action alert, please follow the new steps below. 

Contact your Indiana Senator to Request Strong Support of SB 553

SB 553authored by Senator Karen Tallian, sets forth the right for the public to use the Lake Michigan shore for recreational activities. It also reinforces the Indiana Supreme Court's definition of the "Lake Michigan shore" as the land along the edge of Lake Michigan between the water's edge and the ordinary high-water mark. 

Quick Contact Grab:

Frank Mrvan
Senate District 1

Phone: 317-232-9847

Lonnie Randolph
Senate District 2
Phone: 317-232-9532

Eddie Melton
Senate District 3
Phone: 317-232-9491

Ed Charbonneau
Senate District 5
Phone 317-232-9494

Rick Niemeyer
Senate District 6
Phone: 317-232-9400

Mike Bohacek
Senate District 8
Phone: 317-232-9400

Note that we have not included Senator Tallian's contact information here as she is the author of SB 553. If you have time to contact ALL Lake Michigan Watershed Senators listed above, we encourage you to do so. 

What to say: When calling or emailing, your message is simple - "Please support SB 553 which outlines recreational uses of Lake Michigan. This is important to me because..."

It's as easy as that! Be sure to emphasize why using the Lake Michigan shoreline for recreation is important to you! Also, when emailing, use "Support for SB 553" as the subject of emails.  Have any other questions? Contact Natalie at Save the Dunes: or 219-879-3564 x 122. 

February 2018 signified a landmark win for the people of Indiana when the Indiana Supreme Court firmly put the shores of Lake Michigan into public ownership, i.e. “The Public Trust.” This ruling clearly and unequivocally determined that the State of Indiana, and therefore its people, own the shores of Lake Michigan up to the ordinary high-water mark. It is because of this ruling that Hoosiers may enjoy the shores and sand of our treasured Lake Michigan. Yet again, this ruling is under threat from private interests that want to lock away Lake Michigan’s shores from the public and place the key to access in private hands. Want to learn more about SB 553 and the Public Trust? Click here

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