1st National Park in Indiana, 61st in the Nation, The Indiana Dunes National Park

February 15, 2019

The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore has been re-designated as the Indiana Dunes National Park, making it the 61st national park in the country and the first in the State of Indiana. Save the Dunes is grateful for the tireless efforts… Read More

New Actions are Needed to Protect Recreation on Lake Michigan’s Shore

February 14, 2019

Action Alert: Protect Public Right to Lake Michigan Shoreline

February 8, 2019

Your Comments are Needed on a New Rule that will Protect the Dunes from Invasive Species

December 4, 2018

Update on US Steel November Discharge

December 4, 2018

Action Alert: Support Passage of Michigan City Lakeshore Development Regulations

November 19, 2018

UPDATE Tuesday, December 4: A quick update regarding the Michigan City Lakeshore Development Regulations: On Thursday of last week, a workshop was held with many supportive persons in attendance. At the end of the workshop, Council Members agreed that they… Read More

Members, Cast Your Vote! Save the Dunes 2018 Annual Meeting

November 7, 2018

Student Conservation Association Helps Restore Great Marsh

November 7, 2018

by Cathy Martin, Program Manager, Save the Dunes Through a partnership with the National Parks Conservation Association, Save the Dunes secured funding for the Student Conservation Association’s All-Women’s Crew out of Chicago to help with restoration efforts in the Great… Read More

Twelve years left to change course from catastrophic climate change?

October 11, 2018

by Victoria Wittig, Project Coordinator, Save the Dunes The shock of reading headlines about the crisis that climate change presents to the world is really no longer a shock. That was the case regarding the latest report from the Intergovernmental… Read More