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Jeanette Neagu pictured with Kim Ferraro of Hoosier Environmental Council

Former Save the Dunes President Jeanette Neagu recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her more than six decades as an environmental advocate. Presenting this award was the Hoosier Environmental Council.

Jeanette has been active with Save the Dunes since 1955 and held the position of Board President for several years. She brings a passion for safegaurding our waters from threats such as leaking above-ground storage tanks and combined sewer overflows.

“Jeanette welcomed me to Northwest Indiana over six years ago and immediately took me under her wing,” said Natalie Johnson, Executive Director of Save the Dunes. “I can’t thank her enough for her mentorship and for continuing to be such a dedicated advocate for the Indiana dunes and Lake Michigan.”

Save the Dunes would like to thank Jeanette for her dedication and congratulate her on this tremendous honor.

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