Plastic doesn't belong in the dunes or on our beaches. You can make a difference this July by going Plastic-Free!

We invite you and your family to celebrate Plastic-Free July by taking the ultimate challenge: Saying no to as much plastic as possible! It's no secret that plastic waste dominates the litter found in Northwest Indiana. Even when plastic is thrown away, it can take anywhere from 20 - 500 years to completely decompose! So what can you do about it? Start changing your habits this July and beyond by joining us in our plastic-free July challenge. 


Join us for one of our FREE events and to learn all about how you can be plastic-free!


By taking our pledge to be plastic-free, you may be eligible to win a reusable plastic-free starter pack! Be sure to register today!

A sign reading say no to single use plastics held by a child.

Going plastic-free with Save the Dunes this July is part of a greater global plastic-free initiative. Learn how you can go plastic-free today!

Special thanks to Whole Foods Market for supporting our Plastic-Free July programming!


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