Protecting Our Indiana Dunes

West Beach Interdunland pondSave the Dunes work is focused on our two dunes parks – the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and the Indiana Dunes State Park that sits inside its boundary.  Together they total over 15,000 acres of land and are protected in perpetuity thanks to efforts of Save the Dunes and other organizations working to protect the dunes since the early 1900s. While these parks are technically protected in perpetuity due to their federal and state designations, there are countless stressors, threats and planning issues that merit our attention.  While protection of the natural resource itself is of utmost importance to us, there are many other ways we work to help these parks. This section of our website highlights some of our most important priorities for supporting both of our Indiana Dunes parks. We hope you will get involved and share your thoughts with us.


Native Gardening Guide for Dunes Communities

Enhancing the Little Calumet River 

Acquiring Land for the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Indiana Dunes Ecosystem Alliance

Developing a Climate Change Action Plan for the Dunes

Indiana Dunes State Park Pavilion Renovation and Proposed Banquet Center

Septics Awareness and Education Program

Little Calumet River Watershed Plan and Implementation

Legal Action: Protecting Public Access to Lake Michigan

Indiana Coastal Cooperative Weed Management Area (ICCWMA)

Managing Save the Dunes Properties


Bikes on the South Shore Railroad

Black Oak Savanna Restoration Project

Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline Replacement Project

Dunes Creek Watershed Plan

Salt Creek Watershed Plan