Dr. Erin Argyilan Receives the Paul H. Douglas Award at Save the Dunes’ Annual Meeting in December 2016

Every year Save the Dunes bestows its highest honor- the Paul H. Douglas Award- to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service to the cause of preserving and protecting the Indiana Dunes, similar to the dedication that Paul H. Douglas possessed in his advocacy for the creation of the National Lakeshore.  We were thrilled to present the 2016 Paul H. Douglas Award to Dr. Erin Argyilan.

Dr. Argyilan is a professor at Indiana University Northwest and a preeminent geologist of Northwest Indiana. In recent years, Dr. Argyilan has dedicated her time and expertise to studying Mount Baldy and the possible explanations for the sand anomalies that led to the 2013 incident in which a boy fell through a hole in the dune. Beyond her work at Mount Baldy, Dr. Argyilan has served as a vital resource to ecologists and conservationists in their work to protect and restore the Indiana dunes. We are grateful for her work and passion and are pleased to honor her with the Paul H. Douglas Award.

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