Save the Dunes' Board President Awarded Environmental Award

Save the Dunes Board President, Nancy Moldenhauer, has been selected as the recipient of the 2023 Jana Nona Environmental Stewardship Award from the Unity Foundation! 

This award was created to honor the spirit, tenacity, and zeal of Jan Nona, an ordinary citizen who was inspired to act on behalf of her neighbors. Upon the discovery that the local shallow aquifer, which was the source of drinking water for the Town of Pines, had been poisoned by coal combustion waste, Ms. Nona worked relentlessly to help her neighbors. She inspired other residents to join her and demanded accountability by local, state, and federal officials. The result was voluntary funding by “potentially responsible parties” to provide most homeowners with municipal water from Michigan City.

When notifying Nancy of her award, the Unity Foundation said, “I know Jan would be proud of the work you have accomplished with Save the Dunes and throughout your life.”

Save the Dunes has reached new heights under Nancy’s leadership as President for the past year and a half. Her willingness to serve as a standing witness for Save the Dunes’ recent appeal of a Department of Natural Resource permit approval of the Town of Ogden Dunes 2,970 foot-long shoreline revetment allowed us to bring this petition forward. It is one of many examples of how she has personally carried forward our mission of protecting the Indiana Dunes, Lake Michigan and the surrounding natural areas for the health and vitality of the environment, and the people of Northwest Indiana.  Betsy Maher, Executive Director of Save the Dunes said, “Nancy is always striving to improve herself or whatever cause she is a part of. Her passion coupled with her well-rounded understanding of the complex issues facing our environment make her an invaluable leader and mentor.”

On behalf of all the staff and board at Save the Dunes, we congratulate Nancy on this well-deserved award and all she has done for Save the Dunes in her previous 6 years of board service and current leadership as President.