Save the Dunes, the National Park Service, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Shirley Heinze Land Trust, Izaak Walton League, and NIPSCO are partnering to enhance pollinator habitat and improve connectivity in three areas of the Indiana Dunes National Park – Hobart Marsh, Miller Woods/West Beach corridor, and the Calumet Trail. This project, funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, builds on other regional projects, such as the Indiana Dunes Ecosystem Alliance, to expand the scope of landscape restoration in a biologically significant national park that is already fragmented in an increasingly urbanized region.

Habitat Restoration Site at Hobart Marsh

Through this project, partners will remove invasive species, plant native species, mow and use prescribed fire to maintain habitat, and work with surrounding private landowners to increase and improve acres of habitat for pollinators within the three project areas. Over the course of the project, which will begin in fall 2019, over 160 acres will be enhanced for pollinator habitat.  

This project complements our work to educate and guide residents hoping to incorporate native plant species favorable to pollinators in their own backyards. By implementing large-scale restoration projects across the dunes landscape while building stewardship in local communities, we can build connectivity between healthy habitats and reduce the impacts of fragmentation on pollinator species.

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