pavilion for wordpress stickyWe now know that the National Park Service (NPS) will require an environmental assessment process for both the existing Pavilion and the proposed Banquet Center due to past use of Land and Water Conservation Funds (federal funds under the jurisdiction of NPS) at the State Park. While NPS cannot stop the project, they can review any conversion from public use and require mitigation elsewhere, which could prove to be very expensive depending on their calculations. NPS says that they will determine what mitigation will be required only after the Banquet Center plans are given to them, but what if that is not until next year as Pavilion Partners has stated? What if it takes longer? We urge NPS to make a decision sooner regarding the conversion of the existing Pavilion, as it may give us a sense of the magnitude of what may be required in a proposed Banquet Center. Again, focusing on transparency, swift receipt of key information, and public input is our goal. We also feel strongly that any mitigation funds for the existing facility and banquet center – if ever built – should remain in the dunes ecosystem and not taken outside our region since the impacts are being felt locally.

To view the Pavilion Partners LLC lease, click here.

To view the Frequently Asked Questions document provided by DNR, click here.

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