Regarding the recent chemical spill at US Steel’s Midwest plant in Portage, Indiana the United Steelworkers union released the following statement to Save the Dunes:

“The USW at both the local and international levels is involved in the investigation of the root cause of the spill, its potential impact on the health and safety of our members as well as the impact on the fragile environment of the lake shore region, our communities drinking water sources and the use of the beaches that are so important to the Northwest Indiana region.

Our union works tirelessly every day to ensure that our workplaces are the safest in the world. The men and women of the USW are committed to seeing that a full account of the incident and proper remediation of negative impacts take place. While the situation is alarming, it is our firm belief that the public should not buy into the lie that we must choose between good jobs and a clean environment. We can and will have both. The USW has an extensive and proud history of fighting for protections for workers, the environment and our communities, including the EPA, the Clean Water Act, and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. We are proud to be a founding member in the BlueGreen Alliance and to work closely with local groups like Save the Dunes to continue to improve the environment and quality of life for all residents of Northwest Indiana.”

In Solidarity,

Mike Millsap

USW District 7 Director

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