Save the Dunes is currently developing a Dunes Residential Protection Guide. We could not make a thorough and useful guide for nearshore dune communities without the help of our volunteer advisory committee.

Thank you to all of the members!


Susan MiHalo The Nature Conservancy & Ogden Dunes
Noel Pavlovic United States Geological Survey
Dorreen Carey Department of Natural Resources & Miller
Nathanael Pilla Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society
Carol Smith Miller Garden Club
Jenny Allison Cardno
Myrna Newgent local expert
Barbara Plampin local expert
Sandy O’Brien Contractor, Ecorealm LLC
Eric Bird Shirley Heinze Land Trust
Hans Lagoni Beverly Shores
Laura Brennan Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
Roger Rhodes Ogden Dunes Building Commission

Thank you to the Lake Michigan Coastal Program, ArcelorMittal and the Legacy Foundation for helping to fund this project.

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