We are excited to announce the release of our 2021 Spring Edition of The Dunes Wire newsletter! Our goal with this dynamic newsletter is to share project success stories, discuss emerging and ongoing threats to the Indiana dunes, and to promote ways to get involved to protect this place that we hold dear.  We hope this is a welcome addition to your mailbox and encourage you to provide your feedback on our latest issue.

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For our paper-copy readers at home, please accept our deepest apologies for the unintended typo in the article on our conservation planning piece (page 4). We meant the heading to read "The Future Looks Bright for the West Branch of the Little Calumet River." No, we're not directionally challenged, just a small hard-working staff of six doing our best. Thank you for your grace and understanding!

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From our Staff, Board of Directors, and Volunteers, we thank you for your ongoing support!


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