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Action Alert Update: Let the Judiciary Committee Know that Hoosiers Want Lake Michigan Access

by Natalie Johnson, Executive Director, Save the Dunes

On March 21, nearly 4,800 signatures were delivered to the Judiciary Committee asking them to oppose SB 581. While our petition is now closed, it is important that we continue to contact members of the Judiciary Committee via phone or email until this bill is stopped! Please consider following the action outlined below.


Recently, SB 581 was assigned to the Indiana House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. This changes the audience of legislators who need to hear from Hoosiers regarding the issues surrounding SB 581 and the impact it has on the public's right to enjoy the Lake Michigan Shoreline. The Judiciary Committee needs to hear from you.

Speak out to the Judiciary Committee asking that they not support SB 581.

The contacts for the Judiciary Committee are listed below. We encourage phone calls and emails during the week of March 11 or until we receive a more definitive date regarding the hearing. When speaking with the legislators, please be sure to be polite and personal.

For example: "As a resident of xxx, I ask that you do not support SB 581 and its provisions. The language of the bill threatens to give away state-owned land to private interests; allows for the construction of walls and barriers on public lands; and takes authority away from local governments to protect their own municipal parks and dune property. A strong alternative which I believe is the better bill is SB 553. SB 553 codifies what the Indiana Supreme Court ruled in 2018, ensuring that Hoosier's maintain the right to enjoy the shoreline. This issue is important to me because ...  Thank you again for your time. Again, please do not recommend SB 581 for any further movement in the House."

Member Party District Statehouse Phone Email
Jerry Torr, Ch. R 39 317-232-9620
John Young R 47 317-234-9499
Woody Burton R 58 317-234-3827
Anthony Cook R 32 317-232-9863
Karen Engleman R 70 317-232-9769
Daniel Leonard R 50 317-234-9450
Chris May R 65 317-234-9028
Wendy McNamara R 76 317-232-9816
Gregory Steuerwald R 40 317-232-9833
Ed Delaney D 86 317-232-9834
Ryan Dvorak D 8 317-232-9794
Ryan Hatfield D 77 317-234-9048
Patrick Bauer, RMM D 6 317-232-9671

Save the Dunes wishes to thank the Conservation Law Center of Bloomington, IN for their support and representation in the fight to protect the public trust. Please be sure to check them out online at


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