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Community Engagement

We serve the residents, workers, and visitors of Lake, Porter, and La Porte Counties to bring awareness to the complex issues within the Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan and ways they can help. Through presentations, hikes, and in-person and online events we provide opportunities for people to connect with our local environment and learn about our region's unique biodiversity and ways they can be environmental stewards and access the nature around them.

There are many ways individuals can help protect the Indiana Dunes in their daily lives. Simple daily choices like staying on designated paths, throwing away trash, and even choosing native plants for home gardens have a collective impact on our local environment. Save the Dunes is committed to bringing these resources to the people of Northwest Indiana and showing people the many ways they can make choices that promote a healthy local environment. Check out some of the resources on beach access points in Miller and Michigan City and our Living in the Dunes guides on our Resources Page.

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