Paul H. Douglas

Memorial Award

Each year, Save the Dunes bestows our highest honor, the Paul H. Douglas Memorial Award, for outstanding service to the cause of preserving and protecting the Indiana dunes.

The Douglas Award is named for Illinois Senator Paul Douglas, who worked to establish the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore despite bitter opposition from the steel industry, Indiana businesses, and elected officials.

Past Honorees

2022   Paul Labovitz

2021   Kim Swift

2020   Shannon Eason

2019   The Honorable Peter Visclosky
Nancy Moldenhauer
Steve Sass
Erin Argyilan
Paul Labus
2014   Barbara Plampin
2013   Dr. Noel Pavlovic
2012   Irene Herlocker-Meyer, Harold Olin
2011   Charles E. Oberlie
2010   Larry Davis
2009   Susan MiHalo
2008   Dale Engquist
2007   Marjory Wood Crawford
2006   Jeanette Neagu
2005   Dr. Mark MiHalo
2004   Dr. Mark Reshkin
2003   Congressman Peter Visclosky
2002   Charlotte Read
2001   Ellen Firme, Dorothy Potucek
2000   Carolyn Bach
1999   Thomas Serynek
1998   Lee Botts, Jean Segal
1997   Thomas Dustin
1996   Anne Bayless
1995   Miriam Buhman
1994   Edward Osann, Sylvia Troy, Herb Read
1993   Sidney Yates
1992   Faith Greiner
1991   Ruth Osann

Senator Paul H. Douglas and Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall in the middle of the Dunes Battle, July 1961 (Courtesy of the University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections).

Dorothy Buell Youth Environmental


Each year, Save the Dunes awards the Dorothy Buell Youth Environmental Award in recognition of an individual or group between the ages of 13 to 24 who have shown outstanding stewardship toward the environment within the Lake Michigan watershed.

Before she was saving the dunes, our founder, Dorothy Buell, served as an English teacher at Gary Public High School. In honor of her devotion to youth, we give this award in Dorothy's name to recognize young people in our region who are going above and beyond for our environment.

Past Honorees

2022 7th & 8th graders at Barker & Krueger Middle Schools in Michigan City

2021 Boy Scout Troop 65, Hobart

2020 Ethyl Ruehman & Danielle Sipp

2019 Michigan City High School Wolves Environmental Restoration Team

As a freshman senator I wanted to save the world, then as I gained maturity, I just wanted to save the United States, and finally, in my old age, I just wanted to save the Indiana Dunes."

Paul H. Douglas

Former U.S. Senator