Save the Dunes Team Paddles the East Branch

This month’s team outing the Save the Dunes team left the air conditioned comfort of the Barker House and ventured out on the East Branch of the Little Calumet River. It was a warm day, but the team spirit was high as we were all excited to see the progress happening on this arm of the river. The Save the Dunes team has been working together with the North West Indiana Paddling association, and the National Park through our Chi-Cal River grant to clear log jams, and supervise the management of invasive species.

We were guided by Dan Plath of the Indiana Dunes National Park & North West Indiana Paddling Association. The Save the Dunes team launched at the Keith Richard Walner Nature Preserve-managed by Shirley Hienz land Trust,  and paddled down to Howe Rd. If you’d like to learn more about the work happening on The EBLC please join us next week for August Green Drinks on this topic!