A Note From Our Executive Director

I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude for our members and donors who are the sustaining force of our organization. Their support has allowed for this year’s investment into the people who work at Save the Dunes including our first ever Advocacy Coordinator. I’d like to thank the McDougal Family Foundation specifically for their investment into our advocacy work. Because of this support, Save the Dunes is prepared to take on the ongoing and emerging threats to our dunes and Lake Michigan, including things like defending the Public Trust. 

Some of you may be aware that Indiana’s Public Trust is being challenged in court once again. The Public Trust Doctrine is a legal principle that our Lake Michigan shoreline is protected in perpetuity by the State of Indiana and cannot be privately owned. Normally a State matter, the Pavlock case has been appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court who will be deciding soon if this case will be accepted. 

It is our hope that the Supreme Court will dismiss this case. They have dismissed similar appeals before from private homeowners looking to claim the beach in front of their home as their own. But if the case is picked up by the highest count in the land know that, thanks to our member and donor support, Save the Dunes will be ready.


Betsy Maher

Betsy Maher

Executive Director

Save the Dunes