Action Alert

Contact your State Representative to oppose SB 414

We need your help to protect Indiana’s wetlands! A surprise amendment aimed at further reducing protection of wetlands in Indiana was added to State Senate Bill 414 this week on Wednesday, March 22nd. This language redefines how wetlands are classified, making it easier to destroy this precious habitat.

Please Take Action Today!

Our state legislature needs to take a different direction. Please reach out to your state representative today, and urge them to OPPOSE this legislation. This bill could be considered by the full Indiana House as soon as Monday, March 27th – time is of the essence! 

Wetlands are critically important for the health of our water resources:

  • They store excess stormwater, helping to reduce flooding
  • They filter and purify water 
  • They help recharge groundwater
  • They provide critical wildlife habitats 

This amendment comes only a few months after the Indiana Wetland Task Force Report was issued, which emphasized that Indiana could not afford to lose any more wetlands. Our state legislators need to hear from constituents who want wetlands protected. Please reach out to your state representative as soon as possible, and urge them to oppose this legislation.