Get Involved

Save the Dunes values the time its volunteers dedicate to the organization and preserving the Indiana dunes. After all, volunteers founded Save the Dunes in 1952; we wouldn’t have a national park today if it weren’t for their efforts, and the efforts of volunteers in the decades since.  If you would like to volunteer for us, please fill out our online application, or email a printed copy to our Office Manager/Bookkeeper and let us know your area(s) of interest. Thanks for your kind offer to help.

Action Alert Response Team

At times we need help calling public officials about legislation or other efforts that may impact the dunes. You are part of our voice – we will equip you with what to say to your elected officials, and encourage you to share your personal thoughts about each issue. Many legislators never hear from their constituents on important conservation matters. Help us change that.

writing letter to elected official

Your elected officials want to hear from you, trust us!

Event Volunteers

We always need volunteers before and after our events.  People who excel at planning events are encouraged to lend a hand, of course, but we also need people to carry out various logistical tasks.  And the day of our events we may need you to manage our information table, sell raffle tickets, meet and greet new faces, and…have fun.  Volunteers also help us advertise our events by posting notifications at local businesses, talking with friends and family, and using social media like Facebook and Twitter to amplify our connections to the community.  Please invite your friends and family to “Like” our Facebook page and find us on Twitter (@savedunesin).  The more people who are in the know about what we do, the stronger we become.

Nancy and Doug

Board members Nancy Moldenhauer and Doug Waters are a critical part of our events team. Thanks guys!

Waterway Helpers

Save the Dunes staffers can often be found knee-deep in one of the waterways that flows to Lake Michigan and the dunes.  At times they may need help taking water samples, monitoring water levels, or cleaning up along rivers or Lake Michigan.

dunes creek education photo 1

Volunteer students helping with water projects.

Monitoring and Restoring Natural Areas

Save the Dunes owns and/or manages over 500 acres of land. We need help monitoring our sites and need volunteers who can swing past them and fill out a checklist to make sure all is well.  We also need volunteers to lend a hand at our sites during Volunteer Workdays. These folks help us remove invasive species like garlic mustard and buckthorn.  Get your gloves on and come lend a hand!  We can also plug you into volunteer needs at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Indiana Dunes State Park.

stockwell volunteers

Volunteers lending a hand at our Stockwell Woods property.

Recruiting New Members

Save the Dunes thrives only due to the involvement of its members and donors.  We work hard to engage new members, but always need more help.  If you know of someone who may be interested in being part of our cause, you can either contact them yourself or ask us to meet with them to share what we do and how they can get involved.

Nicole talking at Schoon book signing 6-2013

Executive Director Nicole Barker chatting with the community about our work.


The organization does several mailings each year, and when we do, we like to gather volunteers over treats to chat about Save the Dunes stuff and get to know one another better. Oh, and to fold, seal, stuff and stamp envelopes.  We promise we will have so much fun you will hardly know you’re pitching in.